castle.jpgA couple of things.

I looks like Facebook has grown a brain and actually started including the text of a ‘wall post’ into it’s reminder emails. That or it fluked one. Regardless this is cause for celebration, but I can’t be stuffed, because….

I’m stuffed.

Last night was our youth group sleepover (ie. Friday Night finale for the year). I’d have to say it was a step up from the previous one in terms of maturity on the kids’ behalf. We were fairly ‘short staffed’ but Paul nicely came as a fill in for various parts of it.

As for sleep, I probably copped the worst of it having to stay up for the understandable position of a friend sightly panicking about her friend’s asthma and the absence of a puffer. This resulted in an amusing phone call from the girls to parents, not waking them – despite it being 2am as their two mum’s were up enjoying a night out. Which led to a further wait for drop it off and the peace of mind. While this was happening one of the other girls fell off a sofa bed and continued to sleep, we put a pillow under her but she didn’t want to move, so she stayed there the whole night.

Tip for youth leaders running sleepovers, “No breakfast until everything is packed up and clean”. Works a treat.

Now I am tired and Geoff is feeling sick and has gone home and I’m reading a really interesting book about South Africa, but I really should go to bed. Right now.

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Righto. It’s coming to the close of another year. It’s time I started reading the Hobbit and thinking about a new blog template.

How should I revamp All Said and Done?


doorsofcalendar.jpgMy clever little sister made an advent calendar out of an old shadow box this year. She has inspired me to do the same – so I was rapt when I found one at a carboot sale for $3. It has a few too many boxes, yet can be redeemed by some well placed double doors as so to reduce the spaces down to 24 or 25. She used heavy weight cardboard for the doors and an assortment of pictures/papers, filling each box with something unique (Made as a present for Dan, so things like little helicopters and what not). I haven’t started mine yet and don’t intend to use it until next year and my boxes aren’t quite so deep as hers are but I love the idea – it’s so much nicer than paper ones from the supermarket.

There have been some other fun/cute advent ideas over on ‘Oh Happy Day’.

In other countdown news… it is 32 days until Geoff and I get married!

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I’m sitting here in the inital onslaught of a cold of some kind with some fairly decent coffee, enjoying Plans by Death Cab for Cutie (Thanks to Ana).

Last night made for a church leaders meeting where we had an interesting discussion about faith, hope and love and the implications of a church living these out.

We continually remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your labor prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.” 1 Thes 1:2-4

Talk around faith hope and love and it’s impact on life seems all the more pertinent to me now than it ever did. Including a link with obedience. It seems that conversations and the little things that happen all start to add up.


Lovely Ali is doing our wedding hair. She had a play with it today, I’m very happy.

She’s also rather musical.

Today I picked up my dress from it being taken up… now I have to make sure I don’t put on any weight as it’s a fraction tighter than it was before. Woops! Christmas beware.