w2949I’ve noticed a few tripod lamps around lately of varying degrees of attractiveness. Not sure what I think. Anyway, you can DIY. Although you’d want to spend minimum $ on a tripod or use one that is bung but still upright.

Also I thought this solar heating thing would appeal to my Dad – who now has 15,000 Litres of water in an inflatable bladder (Yes, that is what I said) under his deck and has just installed an evaporative cooler. Fortunately for my mum and sisters, we don’t have copper pennies in Australia, if we did, they would never forgive me – their days of crowding in front of the gas wall heater could be over.

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fairtrade © Rebecca Matheson 2009
Design for Production requires us to design a two-colour tshirt for a local event. I chose Fairtrade Fortnight – which happens in May. I figured it might be better to pick something I care a little about rather than something on par with the Airshow. Inclusion of event logos has to be limited (or non-existent). So after many very bad vector based ideas (Which I don’t know if I want to share), driving in the car on the way home at 1am something vaguely like this came to my head.

It’s a bit rough, not sure if this is exactly what the final outcome should look like, whether I should remove the overlayed rays or/and add some extra imagery – and I probably need to deal with the bottom edges of the buildings as they look a bit unfinished and cut off. But there you go. Suggestions appreciated.

If I like it enough, I might enter it in this competition.

All images I have used are Public Domain/Royalty Free (some from www.pachd.com).

© Rebecca Matheson 2009

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