I don’t know much about info graphics – apparently I’ve got a subject on it next semester (and it’s one that lots of people hate).

But this makes it look cool.

I think I might actually enjoy it. Everything is always about idea.


My friend Cat has just started blogging. I am still getting to know Cat: I can however already testify to the fact that she’s a marvelous cook, writer and has pretty much the cutest kids in the world (really – that is not an exaggeration) and she has rather good taste in art, accessories and other little things that some people don’t pay attention to.

I might make small note here of the fact that Geoff and I meet with Cat, her husband and a few others: Les (and Wepke) & Bob & Tim, some Wednesdays to eat good food, drink nice wine and talk about life inclusive of things of God (because it is all intertwined – as an extra or add-on it loses significance and that friends is a no-no and frankly just not how it works).

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