Had to laugh. Tonight I was at our favourite local restaurant (although not local for much longer. Sad!) with Cat, Nina and Mandy and a waiter/manager comes over to me near the end of our meal and asks me if I am Bec… I thought he might’ve known me via Geoff who is a regular and knows a couple of the waitress there, but no – apparently I have a ‘fan’ at the Firehouse. Now all I have to do is to work out how to get free food!

hehe (hello). Thank you for reading, especially all the current drivel.

Super food btw. I had goat and quince ragout and then a trifle with fairyfloss for desert. And Mandy picked a smashing wine.


As Dwalin from the Hobbit kindly reminds,

“You will have to manage without pocket-handkerchiefs, and a good many other things, before you get to the journey’s end.”

I am in the midst of a terribly crazy last week (now) of packing to move. Geoff is on his intensive and I have plenty of other things I have to do as well as things I would like to do but don’t have time for. It’s not exactly the most relaxing of Christmas Holidays but then again not all of them have ever been that relaxing. Thus the absence of things like Illustration Friday (which will resume when things settle down) and the low to none content on this blog.

I have also had my first interview – which I think went quite well, although I don’t think the job is really quite what I’m looking for. It would in many ways be easier if I don’t get it, but we shall see.

Holidays Life Out of Home

Where is the good way?
There, find rest
Throw wide your chest and let
questions pour out
and follow, follow
until gently they join
with your soul and as peers,
content like friends – walk beside.

Let questions and soul and maker
meet and rest and find the kingdom way
A gentle way of thunder,
of miracle and newness,
of hope, renewal
and creativity.

Ask: the good way.
Go the good way with your questions.

Christianity Life Words

This lack of understanding compounding
my tiny brain.

How can I understand a child
before I am a mother
How can I understand a man
so dimly tangible

God man.

Help me find you through your birth

This frailty a point more clear
and at our mercy to choose
day in, day out
-too often I do not choose

Help me to choose
The word
Who has become flesh
and dwelt among us
while you seem more near
(Or at least while you are smaller)

Christianity Holidays Life Words

I do not know
How I should live
I try one thing, it waxes then wans
and then I do not try at all.
I hope, hope desperately to be on watch
To watch and hear, my seeing ears
My open ears
And yet sometimes it feels as if cold nothing,
or loud otherthing crowds in – overwhelming
There is a vibrating in my ears
and it is stopping me from seeing.

Jesus heals the blind.

Matt 9:27-31

Christianity Life Words