I have decided that I would like to get paid to read books. That is all.


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Sometimes it is about patience. Is it wrong to be impatient for what is good – even what is right? What do you do when you find yourself stuck in these in-between times. They kind of just are. There’s no way to jump-start, shortcut, backtrack or fast-forward. It just is this odd suspension, one that waits to go forward simply to start again. It’s uncomfortable. The pendulum has whacked ‘before’ and hasn’t had anything to strike on the other side yet and consequently it doesn’t know what to do.

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Bright Star is truly beautiful. Not your typical period drama (However much they are a weakness) this goes beyond.



Yesterday marked our second wedding anniversary! Time has gone remarkably fast. I love you Geoff.

We can also now recommend the lovely food and atmosphere of  The Mill (Hardware Lane). It was a really great night out.

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