The remarkable opportunity has come up for me (through work of all things) to visit Vietnam. I will be doing some photography for Plan Vietnam around sanitation/hygiene. I leave in two weeks – which is scarcely enough time for me to work out if I need vaccinations let alone get any. I don’t know too many details of the trip yet, but should be enlightened post long weekend. I will be away probably a tad over a week. This is truly exciting way to branch out the photography further (for it is definitely something I’d like to be doing more rather than less – but is a wee bit tricky when you work full time already). I’m hoping to catch a few more weddings this year as well.

It’s also really interesting in light of the vocation question. But I’ll leave that one there for the time being.

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I have to confess that I did take this photo for the purposes of pinning it to Pinterest (of which I am heartly obsessed with) but isn’t it such a brilliant idea. Tea in a scientific beaker. Photo taken at the Firehouse, Ringwood. Sadly I had a weird reaction to the avocado (I think) in my breakfast and spent the rest of the day not feeling so dandy. But today is a new Saturday and this is a still a damn fine idea.

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