Of all the weird things.

I mean, who hangs out their washing at 10:00 at night?

Who burns their dinner AFTER they’ve cooked it and have simply gone to reheat it.

It’s clearly not just me, this guy spends his time running away from cameras…

Weird, but aren’t we all.

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comedy_logo.jpgSuch a boring title when I was going for something similar to, “Jesus the Iceman”. That post is actually sitting in drafts waiting for more inspiration and anyway, while this is somewhat current news, I shall share.

Last night I had the pleasure, along with Geoff, Laura, Hannah and Dan – thanks to my little sister’s boyfriend (Dan) – of going to a Melbourne Comedy Festival event.

Ross Noble, extremely clever and as any good comedian should be, madly funny.

What worked for me?

It was a show of tangents but it all linked cleverly back to some point during other… tangents – this fits beautifully with my own concept of strange related things (Usually better kept to myself and not mentioned out loud).

What didn’t work?

Christian bashing – which was okay and he made some extremely valid points but when it gets to bashing the idea/validity of Jesus that’s when I struggle. Bash Christian stereotypes all you like, to be honest they kind of need it… although I doubt that’d make them listen. Along tame lines, “They should just shut-up and be nice”, fantastic points about living your faith instead of blabbing it rudely and forcing personal convictions on to people.

I laughed really hard but I didn’t quite reach crying… I got pretty close. Bum-face children just about did it.

He is an incredibly funny and talented man and hey, we got to experience two and half hours of it!

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renokawai.jpgGeoff’s claim to the youth this morning that last night at 12.01am he proposed to me in the McDonalds carpark had our youth kids literally leaping for joy – the boys were hugging and the girls in their excitement were complaining that it was, “Not the way we told you to do it”, (oh yes, they’re very well versed in things!) there was even a triumphant, “I knew it!”, which was shortly swallowed after we disparaged our lies, but quickly made smooth as the same girl happened to find $50 on the floor.

After our April Fools hilarity – oh it was good – we actually had a really fun, engaging (NB. bad pun here) Sunday morning with the story of the four men lowering their friend through the roof. Some new kids came out of the woodwork, boys – and we need them as we are sadly lacking them, and Geoff pulled out some brilliant footy analogy that just worked.

We talked about taking risks in joining with God and it was nicely aligned (at least in my head) with what I’ve been rambling on about Chasing Truth in Quiet.

It is really encouraging seeing where youth is going and finding a bit more motivation in some new ideas that we have been contemplating for our Friday nights. I would love to have some time (and I think/hope to take some eventually) to think further about how I can play my part in doing more with the girls. It’s not an easy group to lead in many ways.

It seems to me that God has put us who bear his Message on stage in a theater in which no one wants to buy a ticket. We’re something everyone stands around and stares at, like an accident in the street. We’re the Messiah’s misfits.” (v9)

Go have a read of the rest of 1 Corinthians 4 and please pray for us and our youth to be fools for Christ (Haha, key second really bad pun here). OK. Stop.

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dali-slee.jpg“I have friends asking me to tell them when you’re getting married so that they’ll know when they can move in.” – Isobelle (my housemate) and it made me laugh.

That’s it. Full on, really thoughtful blog. Evil Monday nights. After a shopping trip where I forgot to get eggs and a brief catch up with my yitsers in scoffing some well wanted food – cheers to Dave for living a good 2 minutes away, I came home. There, I chugged fairly steadily through most of my homework/class prep. required for tomorrow. I am kind of stressed out in the tired, too much on, way

I’d love a little head space, a little extra time, a little more creative genius and the handicraft to match.

I spent $8 on a photocopier today. The rate of paper we go through at uni is terrifying… and I bet I’ve said that before.

Wednesday morning I have another meeting regarding my exemption. It’d be really quite useful and helpful to get this one – prayer would be nice. A little eloquence, a little confidence, a little preparedness and some God very present.

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