I want to remember what I saw on the train last night. Because it was remarkable and I doubt I will experience anything quite like it – very frequently. The actual feeling can’t be expressed very well, but there was something different. If I knew how to recreate it I would, over and over.

A man and his little boy – who was probably about three got on the train. I would have normally not given them too much attention but after a while I looked up. They were deeply concentrated on eachother, the little boy was. The man was deaf and this wide eyed three year old was talking and signing, completely absorbed in his dad’s face.

What struck me more was when I looked around at the assortment of others who were intrigued by the interaction.
A middle eastern guy standing behind them, above them, an anglo younger guy sitting across the aisle, an asian student, another paint splattered worker an older lady beside/behind them, the young lady to their left, those sitting opposite them, me.

There was no hostile or cold staring environment. Absolute delight written across people’s faces. As if they’d caught this rare moment of light. All watching, unobtrusively.
Aware that others had caught the moment. Not caring. Smiling.

God, our love should be like that. I want to be completely absorbed in you. I want also to be an onlooker in others lives, to experience that joy in their focus on you. Unity in the commonality of something beautiful. Wonder at childlike facination. Saturated in a moment of how things should be.
To love like that. To live like that.

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