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…so I am going to keep my photography over here: still adjusting to how I should use the site, whether I keep it really specific or treat it more like a general photo blog. Thoughts welcome.

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He was, he was in the churchyard
My father was in the first part
He came, he came to my bedroom
But I was asleep
He woke me up again to say:

Halle, Halle, Halleluiah
Holy, holy is the sound

And I hope, I hope you are tired out
And I know, I know there is joy endowed
But I was asleep
And he woke me up again
And he woke me up again to say:

Hold on, hold on to your old ways
Or put off, put off every old face
And I know, I know you are changed now
I hope, I hope you’re arranged out
But I’m still asleep
And you woke me up again
And I’m still asleep
But you woke me up to be holy

Sufjan Stevens

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The dearest got married.

Life Photography Wedding

This is a vat of tea. If there was ever any question what a vat was.

I have not mentioned before how much I like the remote control I have for the D90. It feeds my narcissistic soul. And one day I’ll stop applying ‘vintage’ type effects to my photos. I promise.

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