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It’s strange.

I don’t watch the news much any more. I should. I did see some the other night. If it’s big enough it tends to float around the blogosphere where I’ll usually end up hearing about it. I don’t usually write much about the news, nor comment, nor bother commenting on others comments. But I might this time.

This is a powerful response that transcends this one horrible incident and applies itself across a much broader scheme. People are pathetic sometimes.

And why is there still that inner debate as to whether I’ll pick up the MX paper lying next to me on the train seat?

You don’t read that for news.

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  1. said:

    News does travel yes and people do use it a lot on blogs to get themselves hits. Britney’s bald head or underwear is all over the homepage every other day and it’s really lame. All the blogs that have a number of hits mostly feature scantily clad women and technology and they aren’t much of a read. But that’s the reality.

    Btw, the woman Richard Gere kissed was an Indian. You know the one involved in the Big Brother controversy and all, she’s the same. And darn I don’t know why they’re making it such a big deal back here. I think she should consider herself lucky and Richard Gere should think twice before kissing people 😛

    April 20, 2007

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