C_leste_Photos__me._I_like_this__me__thegirls__morning__bedBec, 30.

Since I got married to Geoff (8.5 or so years ago) I succumbed my name to the internet. I don’t know why I didn’t earlier – possibly because my old last name was too unique. My background is also fairly unusual, having trespassed the Pacific for the far from glamorous role of Bible translation for the good part of my growing up years. I am a twin – not identical. So not identical in-fact that I has never ever, ever dreamed of becoming a midwife (Although birth photography is AMAZING) (nor am I telepathic).

Christian because I like Jesus and his hard truth and not because I like happy feel-good feelings. I’m not always very good at it (not sure that’s the point anyway) but it happens to be woven and stuck, jammed into my identity (willingly).

I’m a Photographer and Designer. Trained formally in the design side but I finally somehow by some weird fluke found myself in photographer land and love it. I run my own business which I started the first year of my first child – I don’t recommend anyone do this. Surprisingly it is going quite well.

In my spare time, I wastes hours online and used to read a lot of blogs until Google Reader did a fart and disappeared, now that time goes to Pinterest. I thinks too hard (think less hard since having a kid), read a large variety (some) books, make a mean coffee (I’m a snob about it) and have moments of organisational freak (Or I really want to!).

My goals for the year (a few years back – but they can stay same) are to continue work out what it means to parent two kids, to really think about my business and where it fits in life and to redefine that balance (yet again) and to look more closely at the concept of what makes a home (and not in the stupid homemaker sense) but in a broader more philosophical/communal sense. Also to blog more (that’s a token comment right there).

One day I would like to travel to Europe (possibly even live there for a bit),  never rent again and  sleep a whole night through and wake up at some luxurious hour like 10am.