Fizzy Lifting Drink

Where does photography fit with vocation? Photography has a loud voice but the world of my kind of photography (weddings, families, newborns, birth) it feels a bit like a clanging gong. This right now is either the challenge to engage in what celebration offers the world – because I am not clueless or entirely disenchanted with what I do, infact I love it. The internal tangle appears when I google things like Photographers Without Borders and my heart beats hard and fast and I am transported back to that time I met that little girl in a remote Vietnamese village who had to walk a stupidly long way to get to school. But the logistics of such enterprises with two small kids and a mortgage are an impossible fizzy lifting drink and right now the bubbles are all flat. How does one negotiate a suppressed bubble?

“‘Oh, those are fabulous,’ cried Mr Wonka. ‘They fill you with bubbles, and the bubbles are full of a special kind of gas, and this gas is so terrifically lifting that it lifts you right off the ground just like a balloon, and up you go until your head hits the ceiling – and there you stay.'” – From Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


  1. said:

    Wow!! that was so imaginative illusion, just flattering….

    December 23, 2017
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