Traditionally I am an Essendon Footy supporter – albeit an uncaring one, however I have recently been considering shifting my loyalties towards the yellow and black.

Tonight I went to the football for the first time in about six years – my second time ever. I also witnessed history in a thrashing – unfortunately not in favor of the Tigers. A tad ironic contest – Cats vs. Tigers… in the natural world it is clear who wins.

Geoff is a mad keen Richmond supporter and we went with his parents, along with the traditional, “Hotdogs and soup” dinner, to the 5:00pm twilight game.

I like live football as it is far more dynamic, colourful, real and yet still nicely surreal. I say surreal in that it is far to easy to amuse myself with the little people (We were sitting on the third level of Telstra Dome). I have this thing for minute people/things – possibly because I read ‘The Borrowers‘ about a billion times in primary school and built little mud houses for about two years straight as entertainment with friends. Seeing this game play about below you beats television.

Geoff has got a pretty big voice… which is also kind of amusing. The funniest thing about watching him and Ron (his Dad) was that their yelling – despite the increasing volume, was still quite eloquent.

Although the occasional, ‘I wouldn’t mind this at all’, I couldn’t go every week. People are obsessed. Masses go to see each game. It’s just a little depressing.

It wasn’t a very happy game for any Tigers supporters – even psuedo ones.


  1. said:

    You can’t change teams.

    If you switch, you’ll never be able to count yourself as a true supporter of either.

    We looked at this kind of stuff in my youth development class last year. Everyone picks those kind of allegiances early on in life. It’s not something that you can just backflip on.

    At best, you can call yourself a Richmond sympathiser. I don’t really get into footy that much… but even I know the rules!

    P.S. Thanks for the boy topic.

    May 7, 2007
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    May 8, 2007

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