Going to bed with a mosquito

indelible.jpgLast night a mosquito gave me a fat lip and (it at least feels like it) mauled my face. I always use the word ‘needless’ – but needless to say, I didn’t sleep very well. I know I had a war with what I thought was a fly throughout that time – fly – mosquito, perhaps one and the same – annoying.

I have one assignment out of the way, one close to done and two more to finalise after that. A whopper headache due to the above paragraph, people coming for dinner and have spent too much money on buying supplies to submit uni assignments.

I have spent the past few days, catching up with some old Gush crew to think things , meeting Matt Glover (He’s a nice guy) and hanging out with Burkie and Beth. James (Burkie) is going to be doing our wedding photos – this is not why we went and hung out with them, we went because he is a ripper cook and we like them… Definitely the latter. The food was good. The house was intriguing and the months of meaning to catch up have finally eventuated – it turns out he lives only about 10mins from me. They’re fun.

We had a Slum Survivor night for youth group and had a fantastic evening. Youth is now all ‘blogged up’ so you can go and have a look.

One of my year seven girls leant me a Pink CD so I can listen to the song about homelessness – I am delighted and bemused, I haven’t listened to it yet.

I had a brainwave to do with something wedding related.

A long put off chat that needed to be had was had.

Dad came back from a month away in the Solomons.

And reading over my last blog. I apologise.

Photograph by William Eggleston 

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