2033590_f329b4dde8.jpgI’ve been bashing around in my little house on my own these past few days and shall continue doing so until the weekend where I’m heading off to Tasmania with work for a few days.

A close friend of my housemate’s died unexceptedly a few days ago – it’d be good if you could pray for her and for the girl’s family.

Tonight I’ve had a crack at making some homemade baked beans. We used to eat them now and then in the Solomons (influence of friends from the US). I didn’t have access to the recipe I know works, nor the time to soak pinto (etc) beans for over a day. So I scoured the internet and found this recipe.

I have added celery, used crushed tomatoes instead of tomato sauce, used brown sugar instead of molasses (only because I know other b-beans used brown sugar), minced garlic not cloved garlic a four-bean mix instead of pinto beans. Creativity….

It’s cooking now and smells rather good.

Unfortunately I pulled the glass cover off of my opshop casserole dish and put it in the sink and it decided to crack quite spectacularly on me because of the temperature change. Oh well…

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  1. said:

    Hmm, celery! I’ve never heard of that in baked beans. But I know brown sugar is good in them. It’s all very creative of you. I hope they were good. 🙂

    June 5, 2007

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