Cradle Mountain Post Visit

I am back. A beautiful few days, although very cold. We took the Spirit of Tasmania Ship down and despite taking precautionary measures I didn’t need to go anywhere near the seasickness medication. Describe the ship? Smaller than it looks. Shipish…

Cradle Mountain and the surrounding area was spectacular, to spare you a wordy description – and because I’m feeling lazy, I’ll share photos – after I explain a few things.

It was fairly cloudy the day we made it to Dove lake so the highest peak wasn’t visible. I was lugged on a walk torturous climb to Marion’s Lookout, it was worth every painful step. There were even patches of icy snow at the top, the view was excellent.

Food at the lodge was appealing and classy, although dinners were quite drawn out. Breakfast Buffets are always to die for, I’d have one every day if I could. All up, I ate way too much. Despite the simply ‘good food’, I experienced the somewhat cringing choice to try quail and also had a shot at duck. If you don’t think about what you’re eating (quail) then it tastes pretty darn good.

Accommodation at Cradle Mountain Lodge is fantastic! Let me prove it by pointing you towards their website and towards the image of what my room looked like: exactly. It is very much a Rebecca style place (cough-tasteful-cough) and the heaters were cranking sufficiently the whole time.

As for the ‘work’ side of things – for that is what it was – a work conference. Sessions were on the whole interesting and I really appreciate that I got more of a chance to discover the big picture of MBO. I think conferences like this also help me in regards to feeling just that bit more comfortable around people. If you dump anyone out of their working environment you see something a little extra.

Geoff – in my understanding – had great time! It was so much better having him there in terms of company and well… because I love having him around.

On the way back to Devonport a group of us made it to Marakoopa glow-worm caves.






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