One Year

kiss-2.jpgHalf an hour left of the one year mark off that Geoff and I have been ‘going out’. This time last year I was dancing around sharing the news – in the excited/avoiding way, not the literal interpretation. Unfortunately although the literal dancing thing explains a lot more freedom, that freedom doesn’t really seem to exist in my bodily movements. ( Bec, you’re being strange!)

It’s funny working out which dates to bother keeping track of (Should’ve proably exchanged this one for the engagement date -  but you just can’t).

A lot has happened in this remarkably short time. Back then it was new, new, new and fairly terrifying. Now it is much more comfortable, just as exciting (if not more) and I can’t believe how lucky/blessed (Pick a word depending on how ‘anti-the-luck-word’ you are, I’d use lucky simply because ‘blessed’ is a bit of annoying Christian cliche that doesn’t work with my vocab) I am.

Geoff’s the best guy anyone could ever get. And I got him. (*insert immature: “Nerrr, so there!”)

We are getting married on January the 5th. Lock it in those who know they’ll get an invite (The rest of you just ignore it) and don’t go wandering off on a holiday, trip or exchange (*cough* – I’m not trying to make you feel bad Jess).

As for the rest of you, I apologise for the slightly higher than normal population of brackets (parentheses) in this post and the out-loud deviations.

(Dear Paul and anyone else likely to complain about the ‘mush picture’,

1. Do note that the characters are both blonde, Geoff and I have brown hair.

2. The girl looks as though she is kissing the guy’s nose and not his lips, which keeps this blog relatively PG.

3. In real life hearts don’t go off around your heads when you kiss even when your eyes are closed, if so I would’ve heard about it by now as quite a few people have witnessed the action even if you haven’t. If you don’t believe me, we’re cool to demonstrate next time you visit.

These agendas render the image entirely fictional, although relatively demonstrative of ‘love’, so in the end I guess it comes down to how you perceive love.


Or something more.

Sorry about the picture.)


  1. said:

    So glad to hear that it’s not going to be one of those l o n g engagements. I don’t know how people can stay engaged for years.

    Pauline and I met in the January of 1992, started dating in the April and were married in the December.

    While I certainly don’t believe in rushing things, I think it’s unwise to drag things out too long.

    Oh yes …. congratulations on the one year anniversary. 🙂

    July 10, 2007
  2. Beth said:

    We didn’t celebrate our one year at all. It was quite strange, it just didn’t seem significant considering we are getting married in under 4 months!

    July 11, 2007
  3. said:

    I actually didn’t mind the picture. Why is it that I always get tarred with the objections-to-mush brush? I’m into time-and-place. The time being not when I’m there and the place being not where I have to see it. But hey… you’re getting married in 6 months. I can overlook a cartoonish picture.

    It’s not like you’re covering the internet with couple crap. Well, you are… but at least it’s meaningful prose that constitutes a credible form of self-expression and not a stack of emoticons crammed into an MSN name with “Geoffy” in the middle.

    In any case, I was distracted from the picture by the following two things:

    1. “Geoff’s the best guy anyone could ever get.”
    See if you can come up with the three most likely things I would have thought of in response to that. 😛 (Email me and I’ll tell you if you got any right.)

    2. As for you and movement… are you going to get into some dancing lessons before the wedding? It could be a bit of fun. Plus, I quite selfishly want to get to dance with the bride in January, or at least see you have a crack at waltzing with Geoff to kick things off. If you’re going to dance outside of your head just once, you may as well do it on your wedding day.

    July 12, 2007

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