still_life_warp.jpgI should be a little disgruntled. I am up ‘early’ (*cough, *8:30am) because of an online real-time 20th Century Design History subject and happened to forget that the second week we begin at 9:00 and have thus forgone and extra half hour of sleep. Mercifully it is my only early class. Despite this, I am quite enjoying myself. The house is quiet, my earl-grey tea is hot, the sun is coming in over my hands, I’m still in my pj’s and I can simultaneously check email, do other homework, trawl the web for interesting stuff or write blog posts. I wish all \ uni was online sometimes.

All the above considered, Wednesday mornings could become a time for my keys to spit out some more interesting blog posts. The subject requires the use of a discussion board – I think quickly, I type quickly, I write fairly quickly, it works in my favor and shouldn’t be an issue. I have been sitting on several posts for weeks now and haven’t had the time or quite the opportune shove to get them out. Hello Wednesday. You have been warned.

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