Flying pears

pear1ap.jpgI’m studying photography (again – I did it at Deakin as well) this semester and am having great fun. My two tutors cover the grounds of commercial and photojournalist practice and are amusing to watch interact. We have class in an actual studio and we are using flickr of all things to share everyone’s photos – which is a brilliant idea, beats 3hr classes of sitting through everyone’s photos, *coughDeakin*

This week’s focus (teehee) was on Camera Control – so aperture, shutter speed, panning etc.

Here are a few examples that I was quite happy with – some of the others I’ve taken are about the most boring photos ever, but served the ‘activity’ purpose… it’s difficult to find fast moving objects that aren’t cars when you are limited for time!

The top one was about aperture control, the second is using panning to convey movement. And I’m too embarrassed to share the rest because they suck (Well – not embarrassed, more just that it would be a waste of time).


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  1. said:

    I sometimes regret not studying photography at uni. The darkroom was my favourite room at school and I’d spend hours manipulating images under the light of the enlarger. I think my school tie permanently stunk of chemicals from regular dips into the developer. It’s always just blown me away that we can capture the visible moment and place this on paper. I suppose uni courses probably don’t spend much time in the darkroom these days. If any??

    I love the photos you display on your header Bec – particularly the ones of cut grass. They capture my eye every time.

    August 21, 2007

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