Bridesmaid numbers

Unbeknown to most, my bridesmaid count upped itself the other day.

Three became four, when my good friend worked out that going to India over January wasn’t going to happen. After talking about it with Geoff we decided that it makes very little difference to include another two people, especially two that we’d really like to be a part of the day. So Jess joined Laura, Analise and Elyce and Paul joined Mark, Col and Tim.

Such a fun crew!

But that’s it. Four is quite enough – probably more than enough. My little sisters are still cut, but you just can’t have everyone.

As for the question I keep getting asked, “How are wedding things coming along?” Let me answer: It’s a slow plod, but things are getting done. Invite list is pretty much set. Bridesmaid dresses will get made, reception will mostly sort itself out (maybe *crossed fingers*), we’re having dinner with the guy doing the ‘official stuff’ shortly, the pre-marriage counselor couple are almost free enough to fit us in and I’ll get around to doing the invitations one of these days…


  1. said:

    and we are the best 4 bridesmaid’s ever:p
    rad times ahead!!

    September 10, 2007
  2. Elyce said:

    I really should have read this earlier! I stop reading your blog for a couple of days, and stuff starts changing…

    September 13, 2007

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