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There is rain falling beautifully, softly down outside. I’m wishing I could skip uni today and foetal on the couch and read, read, read and sleep, because it’s a happy thing to do.

While the past while hasn’t afforded good concentration for reading blog feeds, I’ve managed to stockpile a mass of starred posts which in just a minute, I am going to attempt to go through and kindly link here for you while providing myself with a record so I can clear up Google Reader a bit. I’ll attempt a one-liner as to why I bothered saving each link, however this could be quite an experiment/impromptu wander

These posts track back from May. Hold on.

Leadership in Incarnational Missional Community – Neurotribe
Link love because of the definition of church, “a group of people called out from the crowd to articulate an alternative vision of what the world could be like”

‘Christian’ in all sorts, colours, and practices – Jason Clark
Interesting article on diversity and Christianity

Organic God – Confessions of a Pastors Wife
A book I am interested in getting my hands on, I think I saved this also to follow the author blog up later

Keith Scott Morton, Photographer – Decor8
Looking at photography in interiors

Canopy Bed – Oh Happy Day
The second photo made my whole insides smile. I like.

The Noble Art of Self Defense – Mattias Inks
Admit it, the drawings are incredible and fun and quirky and…

More on Young Adult Ministry – Virtually Paul
A link to a link that I was going to follow…

Art to Share – Decor8
The painting at the bottom of the post!

SHOP – frank – Print & Pattern
Nice designs

Guest Dad – Oh Happy Day
Interesting links

We are before You in our guilt – Donec Requiescat in te
Good quote

Types of Blogs – Smulo Space
I think I was going to write a post about this or simply starred it to ‘comment on’ later

Why I can’t have kids – FlowerDust
I laughed (cartoon)

Ad-on to the post below – Swinging From the Vine
Sticking it to the man!

How to Integrate Story into Your Young Adult Ministry – Threads
I think I was going back to read it later…

New Sketches by David Navas Garcia – Moleskinerie
Funky sketches

Brain Coffee – Swinging From the Vine
Just a good post.

Tagged again – Swinging From the Vine
I was going to do a post like this (meme alert!)

Pure Life Aggravation – Just Another Pretty Farce
Love a good rant.

Mad Church Disease – Jason Boucher
I think I spotted stuff about Anne Jackson’s book here first

What books are you willing to read?: Part II – Jascon Clark
Interesting article about investigating other religions

4th Friday after Trinity – Charles Williams: The New Christian Year
great quote: “I love thee more ardently than thou hast loved thine abominations.” -Pascal: Pensées.

Aubrey Trinnaman – Oh Happy Day
Wedding photos to die for… I love them

What should submission to leadership look like? – TheGeoffReport
I think I was going to follow this up with a post of my own – woops.

Recent Surfing Highlights 61 – One Plus One Equals Three
A design blog that I read and their link list, I think I saved for the link to Typographica

Are you a great resource? – Naked Pastor
Fantastic/interesting article about church and people

Church as Organism – Swinging From the Vine
This got me thinking quite a bit

Pick Your Nose – Oh Happy Day
These cups are way too funny

Can a Nintendo Wii Strengthen a Relationship? -  BrauchTalk
More evidence why owning a Wii is a good thing

God is the Centre – Charles Williams
Another good quote: “God is all centre as that he looks to all, and so all circumference as that he embraces all.” John Donne: Sermons

Sin and Salvation from an Eastern Point of View – Swinging from the Vine
I was going to listen to this later… don’t think I got there.

Let’s Hear It for the Me-Meister – Letters from Kamp Krusty
Good post

Why I am an Egalitarian – Swinging from the Vine
Another interesting post from Makeesha

Virtually Real – Backyard Missionary
Stuff about online relationships/friendships

Why Theology Frustrates Me – Swinging From the Vine
Interesting Interesting Interesting

Kim Rosen – Decor8
Featured artist, nice nice work

Interesting typographic work

This gave me chills it’s so beautiful – Swinging From the Vine
Maasai Creed

Modern Printed Matter – Decor8
Niceness and prints

MLK’s Conversion to Christ’s Limitless Love – Backyard Missionary

Top Facebook Applications for Eco- and Justi- visits – James5
What it says

Eyes Online – AJs Opinion
Link to cheap contact lens source, just ordered some from there and saved at least $30.

Antropologie Ditte Slipcover Sofa – Decor8

Communion This Sunday – Joe Thorn
Good quote by Issac Watts.

That’s it! Now I’ve saved some space, I think Makeesha from Swinging from the Vine got a very good run out of my linkings – not intentional at all, she must just post some good stuff!



  1. said:

    wow, thanks. I’m so glad that stuff I’ve said has spoken to you. I have so many starred items in my reader dating back a year some of them. I need to go through them in fact…some of them will need to go in my delicious links and some will get read and filed away in my brain … anyway, thanks for the linkage and for the reminder to go through my stars 😉

    September 11, 2007
  2. said:

    Thanks for tagging the video blog “Christian in all sorts, colours, and practices’ as well as several others. This is a great list of posts and, well, i can only imagine the satisfaction in going through them.

    may your day on the couch come soon…

    September 11, 2007

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