612.jpgWhile in South Australia I found this fantastic cookbook from, ‘Great South Australian Restaurants’. Best idea ever. It happened to have the recipe for the meal I ate in the French restaurant La Guillotine. The meal was amazing so I excitedly copied the recipe down (along with quite a few others). And I’m attempting it tonight.

I never buy meat at the butchers, but I had to buy veal and a lot of it. The guy was nice and found me what I needed, however I think I should’ve halved the recipe when I saw the amount. I was already somewhat embarrassed at my lack of knowledge and imposition on this very nice butcher so I bought the lot. It wasn’t quite as cheap as I would’ve liked. I now have a volume of meat equivalent to a small child’s head.  It is about the nicest looking meat I have ever cut, practically zero fat. But when you buy stock standard packs from the supermarket, it’s probably not that surprising.

Needless to say, we are inviting people over for dinner tonight.