Pizza I like is a fine website.

I made this tonight. I used fetta not goats cheese and added some rosemary. I love the tail end of Thursdays, it’s a lazy evening. Geoff is at tennis, I can steal his Ipod, sometimes there’s good stuff on TV, sometimes just crap. I might admit to watching Friends and Two and a Half Men at times.

Today I re-started The Shack and have finally gotten into it, it seems I had come short a few pages prior and it suddenly got exciting. I still think the writing feels awkward and isn’t up to really decent fiction, but I am willing to persist because I’ve heard good/interesting things.

I finally received some uni marks back today; I did reasonably on my sustainability essay – not brilliantly – namely because I was short on examples, and I did pretty wonderfully on my web (If I might say so… it’s the best mark I’ve gotten for quite a while so I’m going to brag), my tutor told me that if I wasn’t already married he would marry me, nice nerd-girls must be in short supply. I’m really quite happy with Geoff!

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  1. Susannah said:

    Glad you got inpired and didn’t just have Agrum for dinner!! Nice to catch up with you tonight

    May 8, 2008

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