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crufts_01You may recall my moaning about packaging design? Besides managing to pass the class, (and I didn’t do too horribly), I found out yesterday that the competition associated with our final products was won by my friend Chloe, who got best in show! This is a fairly impressive feat for a second year student as you are up against 3rd year and PostGrad students for that particular award. I haven’t yet seen her product ‘light and shade’ as I wasn’t in her class and they aren’t up online so far but I will share when they become available.

On that, uni has finally started back. I’ve scored a ripper timetable with everything packed into two days, although my Mondays are straight classes from 8:30-2:30 no breaks. My tutor for Managing Design is entirely inspiring (and looks uncannily like a past English teacher of mine) and I wound up in an exceptional group for the menacing 100% assignment, I think this semester might just be a good one.

*Still no internet at home, hence the bland and infrequent posting

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    hey bec,
    didn’t read the post but the title of the post is also the title of an AWESOME Christopher Guest film.
    check it out!

    August 14, 2008

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