The darstadly story continues, we should have internet connected back up by next Saturday… in the meantime, I shall continue dying of deprivation.


{Bec continues enjoying uni, and actually got inspired about public speaking}

{Bec goes on yearly work conference, and yes there were hundreds of kiddies}


{Bec reads a lot of books}

{Bec promises to write up a review for this book, yes in a small way she was sucked in by the lovely cover, but it should be interesting and hey she gets a free copy.}

For your interest and perusal, check out Colin McCahon – a NZ artist, who does interesting things with words. My lecturer claims he is no typographer, just a fine artist. There is apparently a subtle difference in how they put letters together. Whatever. I love McCahon’s work, it’s beautifully naive in so many respects but still immensely clever.

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