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r_10As of yesterday, I am back at uni for my final year of Communication Design.

This semester meets several theory half-heavy subjects with some very practical ‘prep for print’ style topics alongside some folio item building.

Pictured left is my uni building. My subjects are almost exclusively confined to this 6 story block and I have still never visited the top floor. The basement almost solely belongs to the Multimedia crew where the nerds can fester (I do quite like it down there)- we get to invade now and then, Level 2 is for admin staff, walking through, nice toilets, lots of flyers, stairs and the lift, Level 3 contains the one and only lecture hall plus class rooms, Level 4 seems fairly akin to Year 3 students, Level 5 for computers and printing, IT and who knows what else.

I forgot to share the link of my friend Chloe’s prize winning package design: here it is. Lest you forget, I’m banking on package design being my one ‘horror’ class for my uni experience in that it – the idea – the tutor – the 3d’ness – the model making – etc. didn’t gel and I would be very disappointed if I ever got a mark again to match it. Even if I did pass the subject.

Students reading this, to do well at uni you have to care and you have to manage some kind of effort. I didn’t care enough,  I did make some kind of effort (not as much as I should) but it seems you need both for the magic ingredient. One after all feeds off the other.

One day I will take my own photos.

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