Spent the evening at Ranges (Our new Church) after eating together watching and discussing, The Story of Stuff. I’ve seen and probably blogged about this before, but it’s a great reminder. Currently at uni I am – with a group- preparing and presenting a business plan for turning food scraps (We’re aimed at restaurants) into organic fertilizer. It’s an interesting project with some appalling statistics. Food waste is huge – from the 1 in 5 bags of shopping that is unused and chucked to the 145kg that’s wasted per person per year. Various countries (or at least a few states/areas/regions) around the world are responding to food waste in creating fertilizer of compost but Aus is trailing. South Australia are running several pilot programs but on the whole we suck. There are things personally that I could do but don’t. We don’t compost… don’t really have much of a garden to put it on. We do throw out a lot of food as our lifestyle is so unstructured and we’re out multiple times a week unexpectedly.

I think next time I buy my fruit and veg I might just have to visit the locally grown organics shop a few suburbs away instead and have cause to plan out meals and weeks a bit more instead. It’s suspicously close to some of the balance stuff I’ve been thinking about.

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