As of yesterday I crossed the 22 line and have made it to the 23rd.

We’ve spent the weekend away for Geoff’s grandparents joint 80th bash (a whole weekend away with relatives)… but did manage to sneak out over lunch and have a lovely birthday one at the Aspy (or Aspire) cafe in Lancefield. It was uber trendy for a very country town and and a bookshop to match (in brilliantness) right next door. Some rather fine wine too I must say and an exceptional espresso trifle. Got some lovely presents. Geoff was very clever with one of his, a ‘voucher’ for something/s moo. Rather exciting!

Happy Birthday here also to my lovely twinables Laura. We have as usual not given each other a present on the day, I at least have hers sitting right here. Parents are off in the outback (literally) so it was all rather disjointed. At least I didn’t have to share a cake… hang on, I didn’t have one at all – erm trifle is better anyway. Have I mentioned my obession with trifle?


l_235119kimonoI am slightly in love with these boots, they will be for sale at Williams during April, in black or olive. I’m hoping they’ll be stocked in the store near me or I will have to somehow work out how to find them.

What I would like to know is: is there anywhere that sells sweatshop-free/fairtrade/ethical boots that are fun like this? Because I think I am finally at the point where I would spend a few extra dollars to go that way (Rather than just being at that point in my idealistic head). Currently I am clueless about where to get that kind of thing and I don’t really want to buy shoes over the internet – really do actually need to try them on. Oxfam shoes (like volleys are really uncomfortable… and erm, I’m after boots).

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