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beetlesA very interesting sojourn across Melbourne today with a first-ever visit to the Immigration Museum followed by the Melbourne Museum.

The Immigration museum on the whole is a bit dry, but I was very impressed and quite moved by the introductory area/video – a powerful reminder about migration and about how conflict, restrictions and poverty affect the world.

And then as the visit to the Immigration Museum was a bit flat for uni purposes (yes there were motives) I decided to face the new fangled Dinosaur walk seeing as the novel I’m reading at the moment has like-themes. So the Dinosaur walk (and the rest of the building) was over run with kids and not really that amazing because to be honest Dinosaurs aren’t really my thing… except for my very early intro to computers where the ‘build the dinosaur’ game was the coolest ever – I happened to turn around and there’s this wall covered in the most beautiful insects and I literally stopped dead.

I used to be obsessed with insects growing up in PNG (and in the Solomons, but to a lesser extent). I kept an Atlas moth in a soft-drink bottle (Who knows how) and made sure I payed it the courteous visit today. The patterns and collections and fascination with bugs at a younger age helps me understand a little of what I could call my aesthetic today – which sounds really pretentious so lets call it, my interest in design.

Insects are incredible, how did I ever fall out of love?

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