The clouds aren’t worth watching today

windThe clouds aren’t worth watching today. They are moving far too fast. The clothes-horse out the back – the secondary clothes line, now rusting has fallen over and I can’t be bothered collecting the clothes as evilly wedged between wire and concrete as they are. Lost my favourite earing last night. Found the back of it, just to mock me. Found the other earing I’d lost in the bed. Would’ve rather have found the other ones. Sigur Ros gives music without delving into the classical. I like classical but the variety is as complicated as ripping another CD to my computer. Homework could been started a good while ago. I have an option staring me in the easy face, but the other idea plays more to my heart  – it means I’ll have to go back to the immigration museum and I might not be able to take photos there, and oh the other option would be so much eaiser but not as fulfilling. Must think about that one. Really liking the idea thrown into the air last night about a decent holiday to a certain country once uni is over. The logistics don’t merit worth thinking about – too complicated. Bah to society and the need to work. The clouds aren’t worth watching today, they are moving far too fast.

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  1. said:

    you can take photos at the immigration museum (just not with flash) I was there the other day on an excursion

    April 24, 2009

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