tyreYeah, so that’s our tyre. On the way back from our honeymoon (just after passing Horsham) over a year ago, we broke down.

Today we were off to visit friends in Horsham (The same friends who helped bail us out last time) and about an hour and a quarter out of Melbourne we heard this lovely grating sound {cue image on the right}. The spare naturally had something wrong with it as well, RACV could tow within 20k’s to an unknown tyre centre, but we exploited our other options and Geoff’s wonderful sister and her husband drove out (with what we thought was a tyre that would fit), of course that tyre was the right size but the bolt positions were different, so we grabbed the crappy spare and drove around and found a tyre place and the guy tentatively put a new tube in it and said that we really shouldn’t be driving on it, but home we are.

Laura – my sister – now knows all about tyre sizes, thanks to her Google research (pre Anita and Stu driving out) and I have the feeling that Geoff and I will never drive to Horsham again.

*A note here, we tried to book in for a tyre change the other day but the place was full, so we thought we’d risk it. Epic Fail. Don’t risk it. It wastes lots of time.