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teach-australia-logoI haven’t been able to talk about this before and suddenly I am free to, in many ways it has happened very quickly and in others it has taken an age. Earlier this year Geoff (Husband) started seriously considering what it would take to drop I.T and  become a secondary school teacher. We had a look at some of the options: going back to do a postgrad and what that would involve, particularly as I’m just about to finish uni and find a real job. Then this program Teach for Australia came on the the radar. And why not? Geoff just came in under the 5 year limit for having left uni, so he applied. And within a week had an interview. And not long after that, the interview, which went well. And a week or so after that it became a reality. That’s the bit that happened quickly.

The biggest thing – besides a complete career change for Geoff is that Teach for Australia requires you to be ‘placed’. Many of the locations are rural as the program puts you in a ‘disadvantaged’ (in some way shape or form) school. As much as I don’t really care a dot where we move (I actually quite like moving now and then as I’m so used to it and to be honest I’m really sick of the current house we’re in), I would like to use my degree and get a job. The further you roam from the city, the less frequent graphic design jobs get. So we waited. Put preferences in: Northern Metro (still a decent move, but closest to family/friends/current community and getting to the city is still feasible), Western Metro (closer to the city but further from family/friends/current community), Shepparton (change of plans, we’re moving to the country, far far away, but we can save money because living in woop woop is cheap). And waited, and waited. And last night we got a phone call.

We’re moving North.

There are a number of other things that have/will make the whole processes easier in regards to living situation and some ties with people over there, but I might hold off to talk about that stuff. Geoff talked to his work today – rather than waiting until minimum time (because of various circumstances), and thankfully he has a job until he needs it. Which is primary reason I haven’t mentioned this earlier.

In November, Geoff wanders off and does 6x days a week for 3 weeks live on campus intensive training, comes back over Christmas for 2 weeks and then off again for another 3. I’m naturally quite pooed about the whole I practically not seeing him during this time, but it gets us where we need to go, so I’ll have to suck it up and use the time to pack the house.

I have every confidence Geoff will make an exceptional teacher, I think it suits him far more than IT does and he has plenty of support (coming from a family of teachers).

So. Lots of changes ahead. And I shall be blogging them, despite this place having been so poorly tended in the past six months.

Geoff is blogging his teachering antics at Son of a Teacher Man

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  1. said:

    Exciting! I’ve heard it in person, but it’s great reading it!

    October 3, 2009

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