1. My husband is lovely
  2. Coffee is momentarily not as appealing as it often is, tea is winning – although it feels wrong to order tea when out.
  3. I am sleep deprived
  4. I have subscribed to too many blogs and don’t have the energy to cull them down
  5. I would like it if someone were to invent a method of transport that is instantaneous
  6. I should write something more creative in some way shape or form
  7. I would quite like a sewing machine and after suggesting I probably would never sew my own clothes I would like to give some things a good crack
  8. I am nearing the end of 23 and about to progress to 24
  9. Our current bookclub book is dreary (Madame Bovary)
  10. I would like a holiday – although it feels rather unreasonable to feel such
  11. G & I watched a whole disk of How I Met Your Mother tonight
  12. I am still job hunting despite having a job – mostly because this current job is not why I studied design
  13. Beetroot tastes earthy and it’s pretty much the most legitimate way to eat something flavoured like dirt (it’s good stuff!)
  14. I followed a cocktail party with an early morning meeting (fool)

Life Lists