3. Light

Sunshine is my quest.
-Winston Churchill

Having just seen The Kings Speech for the second time you get the Churchill quote. I do not enjoy watching movies for a second time in close succession but this would be an exception to the rule. Firth, Rush and Bonham-Carter are brilliant. See it.

You need light to see (see, there’s the theme, hey hey). You also need good vision to see, which is not something I posses thanks to some handy genetics which trumped out in the lens arena. I do recall my shock the moment I found out trees had actual form from long distance and weren’t just a blurry green blob. I’ve gone through a few pairs of glasses since age 10. Not all grand winners, some of them quite embarrassing. I wear contacts occasionally now and I would consider laser surgery if I had the money.

It’s interesting really how glasses have the potential to influence someones identity. I’m not sure if I would exactly feel lost without them (if there were some other solution to seeing – I would definitely feel lost without them if there wasn’t!). I’m not sure if confidence levels, and esteem are wrapped up in glasses – surely there is some kind of subconscious implications there. There’s naturally the nerd/smart thing that comes with glasses but if I’m not wrong, glasses aren’t always benefactors of this assurance for everyone (And is being a nerd something to be assured of!?) for some surely glasses are another mask – like others make up or costume, hat or attitudes that are used intentionally or otherwise to cover up the truth of someone or colour the truth of someone.

See and be seen. Where is the light not getting in?

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