A new law

Life has beautiful ebbs and flows. Right now it is raining and to appease my insatiable appetite for the slightly odd. I am wearing a shortish blue dress with brown knee high socks, a brown cardy, the marvelous red heart (a bit like this one), the favourite beret and have a whopping great big cup of tea. It feels nice.

Life feels nice. It feels nice when there is this ebb between the mass of busy. It feels nice when summer appears in Autumn to apologise for it’s absence. It feels nice taking one of my old youth group girls to lunch and discovering shared loves of oppshops and nerdiness. It feels nice to make the kitchen area interesting with a cabinet of old cameras. It feels nice to be throwing a party for my 25th and to be going to the opera with the twin this week to celebrate the same.

I like little things. It’s scary when you recognise how much of these are a privilege. My one’ness often gets in the way of enjoying such things, it sits whistling in the back corner holding a balloon that says ‘right the wrong’, waving little flag that says ‘guilt’. But for now today I’ll drink my cup of tea, wear my peculiar clothes and design my birthday invite.

I am off facebook for lent.

What are your little things?

Image Source: ‘Island” by Naked Pastor, was a bit peeved it sold before I could get to it. A print would be lovely.

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  1. said:

    great idea! available now in my shop: haywardart.etsy.com

    March 18, 2011

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