Post Facebook Lent.
oddly, now that I am ‘back to normal’ I have finally found a wee bit of headspace to think.
it is remarkable when you rediscover that ability. To think.

I did need the space. Lent. However the time was so full of other ‘must dos’ and now that is over and finally I can shuffle things around things to where they can be re-evaluated.
So I am shuffling. Somewhat slowly. Shuffling and re-evalutating.

Perhaps words will resurface to the top again?

Did I mention I got an iPad (1) for my birthday, it’s uber fun. Perhaps it is not helping me find space directly, but it is new and fun. Did I mention that it is fun? It’s really the most fun present I’ve ever received.

And the Enneagram email was a beast the other day:

As a One, you are part of the Frustration-Based Group. Ones are frustrated that the world is not more sensible and orderly. The antidote for your frustration is acceptance of reality. (Understanding the Enneagram, 318)

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