If the response to swearing (where legitimate in regards to: describing ‘a truly shit experience) is that: “the word ‘shit’ let me know I’m still in the real world” then there is something remarkably wrong with people (and by people here I mean Christians) who get hung up on ‘saying the right thing because it’s SO important to be morally correct’.

My Christianity MUST be integrated into my life and not a box this up here, box this up there solution.It seems insane to me that we are still having these discussions which pin back to legalistic rules. And yes being different IS okay, context IS okay and you may never choose to swear and that’s okay… but when it starts to interfere with the root cause? Then it is not okay.

Can you care without swearing… uh yes. But should the stray descriptive word become the focal point where the conversation is nothing to do with your moral highground. No.

shitty shit shit.

(this is all pre-emptive naturally and probably more a wee vent about lots of the legalistic crap I have heard touted on gush through the years – which I still love dearly – and still frequent despite it sending me bonkers every few months or so)

you probably don’t have clue what I’m talking about. /rant.