This is Claire Matilda Matheson.

She was born on the 28th of June, after a 29 hour (15 hr active) stint of labour, drug free – which I’m pretty darn happy about. 2 weeks today. She is entirely delightful, very settled. We are a bit sleep deprived but doing great. Time is extra fast and the days have been thrown in a blender. She timed her entrance perfectly to coincide with school holidays – meaning that Geoff has had two weeks off.

Huge thanks to: the midwives at the Mercy Hospital Birth Centre, especially Zoe, Jill of Spikey Hedgehog Photography who photographed Claire’s birth (there’s a story in itself!) – photos to come – and was an invaluable extra pair of hands, and all the people who have bought us meals, visited, cleaned up and kept us sane. It is insanely good having a midwife for a sister.

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