The best age to have a baby

There is an article today in Psychology Today about the best age to have a baby.

I’m 26.

I have a baby.

26 is not that young, as much as I don’t feel terribly grown up (do you ever?).

I was 22 when I got married. I had a plan (in an ideal world). At least 4 years married, at least 2 years in a career and hopefully to travel overseas before I had a baby and the novelty of the plan paid off. We’re coming up to five years married, I’ve worked 2 and half years in Design, enough to push me to a midweight – not far off senior role in the studio I was working in and enough to establish myself comfortably in freelancing to deal with pretty much any job I get thrown. I have made enough mistakes to be careful. I got to travel to Vietnam.

Why 26?

The age is arbitrary. What do you want to do with your life? What’s important? These are great questions. And to be honest, there is still SO much I want to do with my life and these things haven’t changed since having Claire.

Having a baby has made me value time so much more than previously. Um, what the hell did I used to do with all my spare time?

Claire is a great sleeper . This helps my introverted being get stuff done and remain somewhat sane. I am bessotted and distracted at times, but life continues. I’m married to great guy. I have good family around, a community that I am invested in and invests in me.

I am still working out how to be less introspective, but I can only suggest that my heart has been further blown open for greater things.

Why would I want to have a later start on this… you know, at age 34? When I can have it now?


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