This year is coming to a close and I am glad of it.

It was an a excellent year.

It was a year of not much sleep. A year of a push and struggle to begin finding some kind of a work/life balance and a journey I want to think about a bit more and write about more because I know for sure I am not the only one juggling this stuff.

I am tired of this year. But I achieved a hell of a lot.

I’m getting the hang of this whole parenting thing (some days). I’ve learnt how to play again – because I have to. I’ve grown my photography business from not very much while being a full time parent and although self doubt rears it’s artists head, I’ve done some really good work.

I get outside more. This makes me happy. I am more creative. This makes me happy.

I read less. This makes me sad. I write less. This makes me sad.

But I am looking for balance and I am slowly finding it. And I am rediscovering old things in new ways.


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