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Starred December-May

Let me hit you with a mass of posts I have starred over the past few months. The last time I did this was back in October-November. These have either made the think, laugh, stop or have been somewhat impacting. Take some time to scout through the list, there’s some really good stuff there. Sometimes I feel quite proud be a blogger when I see others putting out content of this quality.

… and a few more killer posts that I can’t share because the links have died/moved or are temporarily unavailable. Sadness.

  1. John Smulo says: May 19, 20076:15 pm

    Great list, thanks for starring a couple of my posts!

  2. Geoff says: May 20, 20072:47 am

    Bec – I think you’ll find that Paul Mayers might be interested to find out that John Mayers has written a blog post looking remarkably similar to his own. John is traditionally better known for his singing than his perspectives on Trinitarian theology.

  3. Little Steph says: May 23, 200712:48 pm

    Wow Bec!

    That list of blogs… just wow! I read 3 of them… and am just going WOW still!

    And now I want to buy bright red stockings and change the world!

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