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quiet-curtsy-2001_big.jpgDeadlines are interesting things.

I encountered another one today. This time at work and the implications are kind of exciting.

I am a tool in the world of advertising. I shall explain and then share the, ‘However’.

At about 9:30 this morning I get told that I need to chase down a printer to get 4,500 or so flyers printed by Tuesday. Not such an easy feat with the standard turnaround being 4-6 days. I did discover to my amusement that getting that much done at OfficeWorks costs approximately $7,000 which is about 7x the amount you have to pay when you elsewhere (even less). Anyway, I found one and then went about the task of revamping (ie: layout/other design stuff still sadly limited to Publisher and stock images) a ‘one pager’ for something my work runs. VisionGym (link goes to old pdf). Quite interesting stuff really. I’d love to go to some of their workshops and probably will get to eventually. I hope.


It turns out that this flyer is (despite being a piece of advertising) an insert into HR Monthy. A magazine that goes to 4,500 odd people. Now where have I seen that number again? Kind of cool for a first year design student/office girl going about her standard daily things.

Anyhoo. It was a layout job that didn’t have a huge amount of room to punch into weird fun art’ness, but I quite enjoyed myself, had to think a little about hierarchy (I guess uni is good for something) and got it done on time and it doesn’t look too bad and it’s hey, ‘real work’.

Yippee! Now I can claim fame as having made some insert for a real magazine… and then I’m sure be mightly embarrassed about the work quality a few years down the track.

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  1. Elyce said:

    Bec, that’s so exciting! Congratulations. Now you just need to make sure you get a copy of HR Monthly, open it up, and allow your own design slip out of the pages… what an incredible feeling that would be!

    May 19, 2007

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