I got results today.

It’s a bit strange when you think about it. Your whole schooling life leads up to one bust of insane studying and stress and ends in a simple number.

I’m happy with what I got. A bit more would have been nice – always would be nice. But God has me where he wants me. Besides I know what I’m doing next year thats set in concrete and I really couldnt be much happier.

I dont like uncertanties. I prefer to have a descision made than to be in the process of changing.

I found a new uni course in the paper, will check it out tomorrow – Interactive Media, sounds a bit like my kind of thing. Which means changing preferences – not that I mind. I really have no idea about where my life is headed career wise anyway.

Thinking about the competition thing… having a twin, well the stakes have always been high from where I stand. Laura doesnt seem to care. I frankly dont understand.
Shes probably a much wiser and definately more humble person than I’ll ever be.

She beat me. I dont care too much. A little number on the computer screen doesnt bother me half as much as I thought it would. You hear about all those people stressing majorly and crying their guts out -what can you say. There’s more to life.

One result leads to another… the same other you probably were aiming for in the first place, I’m guessing the difference is only in how far you are prepared to go to reach that place. If you want to get there you are going to, a lower score hardly makes a difference – except perhaps to make you more determined.

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