I am a little bit shocked that it was January 2015 when I last wrote anything. In some ways I have no space to write any more. But then perhaps this is what is necessary – to carve that tiny bit of space, to find mental space again? The no space thing is probably a lie. And yet, the last year has been full full full and sleep deprived. I’m waiting (still) for that to improve. Claire is nearing four, Céleste nearing two. Surely the sleep thing gets better. I know it gets better. I can’t believe I didn’t throw an epic party to beat all parties when Claire improved, I can’t even remember when that happened? It was worth celebrating, I’m waiting Céleste.

I turned 30 this year. I threw a party. I don’t like parties very much but I did like this one. It was at night, there was fairlights and a fire-pit and my music and no kids,  it had a coffee cart and donuts (oh my the donuts from ShortStop are stunning) and it had good people. I like being 30. I actually kind of feel like things are settled and paced (despite the daily madness that I can’t seem to escape). It’s fun seeing what life looks like with two kids even if the balance is an almighty juggle between being a decent parent/human and running my own business and finding space for myself. I suck at the last one.

I do think that I am perhaps on the cusp of working this balance thing out despite the fact I’m not sure we ever actually do, and it’s surprising me writing this down, as I am brain dumping from being sick in bed (which is pretty much the only time I stop). As always there are things in my life that could be cracking along MUCH better but there ARE things that I am doing well. I feel like I write this same thing over and over in my head. Nearly there, nearly there. Keep on, keeping on, such is this phase of life.

Life I want to live you but I want to observe you at the same time… from my bed with a cup of coffee.

General Life Observations

“and one hundred and sixty one days later, inexplicably, in the middle of the peeling of the vegetables, it passed” – Steph Judd

Today I am encouraged by this.
I am reminded of life progressing around the everyday. Of God using little things and time and little things again. Of weariness ceasing, of joy in unexpected moments. Of faithfulness and fruition and of peace in the mundane.

Little stories that are parts of bigger ones that allow a glimpse into hopeful new worlds.

Hooray for people who write. This makes me want to be one of you again.


Create Design General Life Lists

My great plan of blogging my Vietnam trip crashed with the intermittent internet and the exhaustion of engaging in work in lets face it (although I love humidity and the heat) less than helpful environment. It all happened excessively fast (as these things do). I found it a weird cross reference of Solmons climate to New Zealand beauty. It is still too early to put any photos up that I took in central Vietnam (the work related ones), which is where I invested most effort on the photographic front. Unfortunately my touristy days were a consumed with heavy rain and err… present shopping. I didn’t return with 32gig of just work photos though, although my favourites are most definitely some of the ones I took in the Villages.

Here is Hanoi in the rain.


Hanoi is a mash of architectural styles and odd bits. It is beautiful but somewhat overwhelming with streets that go every which way. Flew in this morning after an all-nighter flight, thankfully the ominous ash cloud didn’t interfere. The big fat book I bought with me didn’t even get a look, instead watched some mindless Harry Potter 1 and a Grand Designs, and tried to sleep. I think I slept.