Write it on the doorframe – or knock your head as you go through

The date should say 32/7/05 as thats what I mindlessly wrote in the journal, it is the first however.


As per usual, well on occasion I construct for myself some way of remembering, a symbol I supose for hmm what would you call them? promises (of God).
I have had one long standing one relating to birds, which would be nearly in it’s fourth year. Quite incredible the way God has used that.

Last night I thought of ways to remind myself of God’s love after finishing the Angela Thomas book and the sermon on Sunday night (Deut 6).

So the great plan was to everytime I walked through a door into a room, remember.

I sucessfully did that 0 times. The amusing side benefit being during class, where I remembered because I had forgotten and then later when I felt God telling me anyway, and that although symbols are useful I shouldn’t limit myself to juse remembering then.

So, God loves me whether I have to walk through doors to remember it or not.
I’m a strange one.

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