No journal tonight. Did not feel like it. Not inspired. Beanbag was covered in clothes and a few books – that’s where I sit to write. Wasn’t going to happen.

So I’ll be as changeble as the wind (and use cliches where I like thanks).

Beautiful morning. It felt like spring. Slept in til 10:30 as we only have afternoon classes on tuesday. Slammed the door when Jess tried to open it. Valid reason… cant wear pj’s all day. I did think it was some sister attempting to wake me up. She did the, ‘oh, you act like you’ve just woken up thing’. Well yes. Was in a really amazingly good mood. Don’t know why it’s been like this the past few days but it’s great. Stuffed around for a long while. Had coffee and toast. Made Jess go into Laura’s room to read my ‘Ethics’ book (she hasn’t got one yet) so I could put Sons of Korah up loud. Who doesn’t choose music according to their mood? Relient K and the like is a little hard to take early morning.

Took Job for a walk up to Sam’s place to get her to come down… she’s got the eaiser walk, lucky thing.
Drove to Tabor. Heated up soup, then went outside to have lunch with some of the others. Class: New Testament. I confess I find it fairly boring. They do one class on ‘culturally relevant stuff’ and then one on the more ‘biblical/historical’… they should work in reverse and do the ‘relevant’ stuff last. Makes more sense to me that way. I never really get what they are going on about until about 20mins before the last class ends.

Went to Jess’s place with Alecia. We had a funny time getting out of the Shell (that would be the petrol station). And this crazy woman make frantic gestures at us, thought she was really angry at first, but gave us a grin and we eventually found our way out, had good talk with her. Dinner – all kinds of roast veggies with Jess W, Jess H, Alecia. Watched The Incredibles. I like that movie a lot!

about 7:30-8:00 other YITS people started arriving: Clare, Jo, Tracey, Iain, Amy B, Michael, and those us already there, we watched Napolean Dynamite due to Ben’s raving about it… It was pointless, quite funny, but nothing to go mad about. Good to spend time w/ the others though.

Home. Stuff. Now. Blog.

and how does changeble relate to any of this?

Brilliant morning, boring day with a few people related highlights, fantastic evening, not always entirely positive thought filled night.

No more different than any other day, with its’ pronounced highs and lows.

That would be lonely frustrations, annoyance at existing friendships that could always be deeper, annoyance at aquaintances that could be friendships, and at myself for not always putting in the best effort. I spread myself thinly sometimes, and it’s almost not worth it.
Sometimes want others to take as much interest as I genuinely take in them, then I tie myself in the knot of condemning myself for such a selfish attitude/wrong motives which could if I let them, dilapitate any interest at all, which would also not be good. Catch 22.

What can you do?

that is a rehetorical question by the way.

oh and a long standing question of mine… what does (sic) mean when seemingly randomly inserted into articles etc, I could guess through context, or even Google it, but maybe you can tell me?


  1. said:

    well so I answer it myself,

    SIC may mean one of the following:

    [sic] or (sic) (from Latin sic for “thus”; see also list of Latin phrases) is a bracketed expression used to indicate that an unusual spelling, phrase, or any other preceding quoted material is intended to be read or printed exactly as shown (rather than being an error) and should not be corrected. It carries two possible meanings: either that an error was made by the person from whom one is quoting, but it would be dishonest to correct it, or that it appears to be an error, but is in fact correct. For example, when quoting a person named Sandra Bollock (not the actress Sandra Bullock), the author might write “a local resident, Sandra Bollock [sic] said that . . .”, or in the U.S. Constitution, one would say “The House of Representatives shall chuse [sic] their Speaker…” Many people think that “sic” stands for “spelled incorrectly”; this is actually

    August 3, 2005
  2. Sammikins said:

    bec! i know how you are feeling in the friendship department! yay, some one else who verbalises (well, ok, not really, but types)what i feel. speading yourself thin is a wonderful way to describe it. i suppose i often wonder whether the friendships in yits are going to get any deeper, and is there really a point. in a couple of months we will end then we wont see each other again. how many of us are actually going to keep in contact with each other. or perhaps im looking at it in the wrong way, that we should treasure the time we have with each other before its too late.
    maybe im part of the problem too, i want to know everybody, but that means that i never really know anybody well.. ive got the horizontal down pat, but not the vertical. well bec, thanks for letting me read your blog, and post comments on it. some how it makes me feel a little better telling some one this stuff… even if it is technically writing.

    August 3, 2005

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