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Currently listening to… (set the scene 🙂
Vivaldi – The Four Seasons – Winter

I wish…
That certain people would talk more about themselves
That I would talk less about myself
That I was encouraged more
That I could find it easier to love my sisters
That I spent more time with Dad
That I got along better with Mum
That I took the initiative to call people, to spend time with them
That I would want to spend more time with God and not feel guilty when I want to do other stuff.
That I would act the same around everyone, that I could just be myself

I want to one day…
Wake up in the same bed with someone I love (get married)
Go back and visit the Solomons, see if the dog I left over there would react the same way it did when I came back from 3 days of being on camp
See live theatre of- Les Miserables, Handel’s Messiah… almost anything else
Write a book
Have a SITAG reunion
Have a baby
Visit Europe

DVD most wanted list:
Les Miserables (the Claire Danes one)
Love Me if you Dare
Little Women

Random Facts

I called my dog Job not because of the ‘great sorrow’ most see, but because of the ‘great faith’ I found in that book.

I actually lost lost my first tooth. I spent all day with a little friend at a school in Brisbane looking for it.

I think 1996-1998 somewhere in those years I was first introduced to the internet, I was facinated from day one.

The first computer games I played were a, ‘create a dinosaur’ and ‘learn sign language’ – DOS.

I started learning to listen to God when I fell down a hill in front of some friends after showing off, and when I stabbed myself on this vine, I think it was in the same day – or same week. Funny stupid lessons involving ‘mottos’ and Bible verses.

I like squaredancing… or did about 4 years ago, I haven’t since.

I went through a horse stage.

I used to be able to draw quite well.

I used to collect teddy bears – excessively.

I used to be good at drama… that was primary school.

I was somehow lured into a position where I had to sing something in front of someone when I was maybe 7 – at Girls Brigade. I didn’t sing for a long time. I couldn’t – I was ‘bad’ at it.
I can sort of sing now, but I don’t like to infront of people.

I loved lego. I called my ‘space guy’: Nero… after the Emperor, despite his cruelty.

I went through a ballet stage when I was about 5. I owned a tutu. Mum got Laura and me to go to “Jazz Ballet’ I didn’t want to as it wasn’t ‘authentic’, I hated every moment of it, the teacher was weird, I couldn’t keep up. That ended my facination with that.
That school burnt down later, I might have been secretly pleased.

The first journal I ever kept consistently was entirely about my dog.

I went to a sleep over when I was about 11. We watched a movie (I think I know it now as ‘I know what you did last summer’ – I could be wrong), this has a section where seance is held or something. This movie haunted me for years.

The only disney movie that ever gave me nightmares was the Little Mermaid.

The first CD I ever owned was by Michelle Tumes. I still have it somewhere but I don’t listen to it, it’s a bit embarassing.

I had a experience at work experience in year 10 where the guy who ran the business asked me to, on my break ’empty my mind… etc’. I believe he and his girlfriend were inovled in a cult. I flat refused to his face, and seriously considered walking home. I should have.

I tie memories most strongly to music and to smell.

I do not know if I want to go to uni any more next year.

I like it when guys are courteous and open doors, but not in excess.

I think the guy should always ask the girl out and not the other way around.

I called Hannah a cow this evening.

Sixpence None the Richer is probably the band I like best.

Piano music messes with my insides, in a good way.

Milkyways are the best chocolate, I would prefer it if they made them bigger

I drink coffee and eat chocolate when I’m feeling low
(but not exclusively so)

I’d rather yell at someone and have them do the same, than them not voice what they are feeling.

I am stubborn, bossy when it suits and blunt. Always blunt.

When I can speak my mind and begin to openly disagree – it usually means I am fairly comfortable with those around me.

The best dream I ever had was when I was running along this cliff in some kind of race, with the most amazing scenery, I ended up on this rock looking out at sea, there were killerwhales jumping, all because of God. No description does it justice, even my memory.

I read Swords and Crowns and Rings (Ruth Park) when I was maybe 13. I was way too young to read it then. It is still one of my favourite books. If they made a movie it would be fairly disturbing.

When people cry in front of me, I have a difficult time knowing what to do/say.

2001 was the best and the hardest year I think I’ve ever had.

This year has been the year that has grown me the most, healed me the most and offered me change in a non threatening way.

and I have run out of random things for the time being.


  1. sam said:

    *smiles* i think i just got to know you that little bit better Bec

    August 15, 2005
  2. Jo said:

    Me too! I love you heaps Bec-Ma-Geck

    August 20, 2005

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