For a record, and although I dare say I might get something at the end of the year with all of our names on it, it doesn’t hurt to familiarise you (and myself) with who I’ve shared the year with. Seeing as I am procrastinating and I might as well do it efficiently.

YITS people as follows: and in no particular order, I might attempt to put a word or two down to describe them (3 words perhaps Dave :P) lets hope I can be honest without being too mean.
What I call them (alternatively in the brackets)

NB: these are my perceptions which fall far short of all these people, they are quite amazing each to his own.

Jessica W (Jess)- I went to school with her, Laura’s best friend, Driver: Actress, over-analyses, movie obsessed, needs lots of affirmation, we sometimes clash rather badly due to misunderstanding on the whole I think she’s great I just don’t ‘get’ her 😛 Expressive, Analyst, Generous

Samantha (Sam/Sammy)- I went to school with her, lives on my road, travels with me everyday: see her blog here (permission to share with my blog readers) NB: hey Sam, now that Laura has your blog link please please don’t link to this, sorry but there’s some stuff I’m not ready to let my sister know. Easy-going, Humourous, Artistic

Joanna (Jo)- Accountabilty group person: words of affirmation girl 🙂 finds it extremely hard to make descisions, kind, makes me laugh. The true Beef B 😀 the false borrower of the 31 girl book. Loving, Indescisive, Encouraging

Katrina (Katie/K of the T)- Accountability group person: quiet, we are companionable introverts, can be quite open, smiles when she means it, I appreciate that, encouraging in a very Katie kind of way. The false Beef B, the true borrower of the 31 girl book. Friendly, Honest, Reserved and (Punctual :P)

Natalie (Nat)- Musical, Responsible, Strong

Dawn – Enthusiastic, Impatient, Amicable

Tom – Clever, Charismatic (not in the Relgious sense), Changeable

David (Dave)- Entertainer, Creative, Pleaser

Jessica C (Jess)- Quiet, Melancholic, Caring

Tracey (Tracey-Malacey) – Mature, Funny, Humanitarian

Jessica H (Jess) – Flirty, Compassionate, Earnest

Alecia – Gracious, Cheerful, Responsible (She’s the one that knows Tonks)

Elyce – Modest, Supportive, Careful

Laura – Artistic, Cultured, Kind-hearted

Kerryn – Exuberant, Wacky, Encouraging

Mark – Kind, Resolute, Dependable

Michael – Funny, Enthusiastic, Distractable

Rachel – Peaceful, Sociable, Quiet

Clare – Organised, Sensible, Friendly

Iain – Lazy (and he knows it :P), Cheerful, Stout-hearted

Matt – Nonchalant, Intelligent, Unpeturbed

Darryn – Introverted, Musical, Joker

Jessmyn – Musical, Earnest, Variable

Katerina (Kat) – Non-conformist, Outspoken, Open

Sara – Cheerful, Open, Listener

Emma – Content, Independant, Considerate

Alice – Outgoing, Headstrong, Sanguine

Ben – Persuasive, Honorable, Independant

Jane – Reserved, Pleasant, Messy

Amy S – Blunt, Extraverted, Naive (but she’s still great, just the kind of person you have to use strong adjectives for)

Amy B – Shy, Smiley, Coy

Amey – Spontaneous, Detached, Competitive

Nathan – Down-to-Earth, Serious, Dependable

Kym (Kimmy)- Cheerful, Optimistic, Loud

those who know, tell me if I’ve forgotten any and if there are any words you’d particularly dispute 🙂

And 3 words for myself? Well I don’t know if it’s fair to do that – I’ll leave that up to you.