There was a long winded journal entry which – if it wasn’t late I might have put up. To summarise very quickly is almost impossible, it took me over two hours to get down most of what I wanted to. The weekend although a time for relaxing did not stop the ticker tape in my brain from running marathons. Not all of it was a walk along the beach. God didn’t waste my time, although I think I’ve wasted some of his. (Hey stop that! cries my theology indoctrinated mind – God stands outside of time remember?) Whatever the case it was hard and good and hard and good some more. Saturday without Sunday would have been a complete flop.
This morning was exceptional.

Although with a fair amount of differences, Switchfoot can aide some of my headspace of Saturday night by expressing mind through song. I am a non musical being who is lazy enough to let others write my own poetry. Funny song, I stumbled across it this morning – well after my thoughts went four-wheel driving and God intervened.

Golden – Switchfoot

She’s alone tonight,
With a bitter cup and,
She’s undone tonight,
She’s all used up,

She’s been staring down the demons,
Who’ve been screaming she’s just another so and so,
Another so and so

You are golden,
You are golden, Child

You are golden,
(Don’t let go,)
(Don’t let go tonight)

There’s a fear that burns,
Like trash inside
And you’re ashamed of the curse,
That burns your eyes

You’ve been hiding in your bedroom,
Hoping this isn’t not how the story has to go
It’s not the way it goes, It’s your book now,

You are golden, Child

You are golden,
(Don’t let go,)
(Don’t let go tonight)

You’re a lonely soul,
Inlet of broken hearts
You’re far from home,
It’s a perfect place to start

Burn, Burn!

So this final verse,
Is a contradiction
And the more we learn,
The less we know

We’ve been talkin’ about a feeling,
We both know inside but couldn’t find the words
I couldn’t write this verse,
I’ve seldom been so sure,
About anything before

You are Golden, Child

You are Golden,
(Don’t let go,)
(Don’t let go tonight)

This world is a dead man down (Golden, you are,)
Every breath is a singing crown away, (Golden, Child, you are,)
Like some debilitated king, (Golden, don’t let go,)
Don’t let go tonight

Earth Spins and your mind goes round’ (Golden, you are,)
Green comes on the frozen ground, (Golden, Child, you are,)
And everything will be made new again, (Golden,)
Like freedom and spring, (Golden, Golden,)
Hey, like freedom and spring, (Golden, you are, hey,)
Like freedom and spring (Golden, Child, you are,)

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  1. said:

    *does first comment groove to Switchfoot* (how appropriate!)

    what was so good about sunday? or just the walk along the beach? time to still yourself and think Godish?

    perhaps i need to do that…

    i think its wonderful that you blog song lyrics, cause they just seem to be there right for you at the right time… 🙂

    October 17, 2005

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