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A funny kind of ‘classy’ sitting on the couch in the afternoon, listening to classical music (thank you to the Age for the complimentary cd) having a really enjoyable conversation/d&m/silly talk about all manner of things not to mention chocolate icecream and other such niceties…

No one else home. Spent the afternoon mostly with Sam. After justifying the homework status on finishing ‘Spiritual Gifts Assesment/Reflection’.

Slept until about 9:30 this morning, which is NOTHING compared to what I needed after last night.

Jess, Sam and I were catering/waitressing/doing the drinks for the Mecs (old school) Yr.11 formal. (Of which Emily was attending). They have ‘formalised’ the entire process so now it is dancing, parents present, each student making a 1 min speech. Well removed from our yr.11 bash where the DJ broke his leg and had to find a replacement, the dancing was impromptu (or non-existant in my case).

Brilliantly stressful. I had a fine time. Jess was ‘dying’ under pressure. Three people doing the decorations and drinks for 150+ people all night is no mean feat. I ended up being the person running around on ‘the floor’ putting out drinks/collecting stuff – ha this is the least ‘waitressy’ of the three of us doing that. Amusing. I enjoyed it – all of it (except maybe when it came to cleaning up).


Sam attempted to teach me the female bit to the 6 Step and the Charleston, was not entirely with it. That saying. This afternoon. Hannah, Emily, Sam and I started doing various dance things (I was showing Hannah how to do them). And they ended up sort of teaching me the Nutbush – which I can’t really do as each time someone tries to teach me it is at a party with too much loudness for concentrating. So maybe I can do that now. To be honest, I like dancing – when there is ‘organised’ type steps. I don’t and will not do the whole ‘just move’ thing.


I am tired now. I can’t really think much. I had plenty to say earlier. Unfortunately some of the stuff I can’t share her (too many people know too many people). I must have a potentially difficult/interesting conversation with someone on Monday. Prayer for that would be good. Tilla – I also need to talk to you/Jacqui about something (not exactly about me).

That’s right. Worked all Thursday. Good day, nice and quiet yet plenty to do. Got the train to Flinders and waited for a bit for Katie. Interesting wait really. I like watching people. Loads of people to watch. Flinders breathes, it just moves constantly. Spent the night at Jo’s place. Much thanks you two 🙂 greatly enjoyed myself.

Watched some random thing on TV about this kid with a brain too big for his skull. Very very interesting, then something about those kids who age way too fast. We followed this is ‘A Walk to Remember’ (yeh groan away) interesting thinkings from movies like that usually, but I was a bit tired to rehash stuff. Hence the, ‘Not really thinking much’ Jo.

Cinnamon toast breakfast – which is what started the whole thing off. Caught train with Katie to Ringwood (she not as far as I) Sam and Jess picked me up from there.

Some totally unrelated comments to the ‘doings and happenings’ ramble ^.

This week’s ‘Special Ministry’ task thing was to set a reoccuring alarm (once a day) and check all clothing labels to see where they were made, list them, and um take some time to pray for the countries etc. very much a social justice type thing.
I haven’t set an alarm, I haven’t listed them. I have checked a couple of times. The majority of my clothes have had Made in China. Infact, the times I’ve checked I haven’t found anything different.

The question I posed to Sam this afternoon was: why do they label with the countries at all? The simple answer is of course, law. But why? And where do you find out the why? Will some people not buy clothes made in certain countries, if so, then the whole label thing is entirely geared towards a social issue problem. Cheap clothing boasts little more than a small ‘branding’, care instructions (if lucky) and a Made In…

Economic? Oh it probably is that. Still, it would be nice to know who decided all that, and what affect it actaully has upon the buying customer. Who if they are anything like me (two weeks ago)doesn’t click two fingers into wondering the mysteries of the Made In phenomoena.

“Stephen Said has ruined my life – in a good way” – Sam

Thinkings and free trade, brandings and boycotting coke? A stance on societies evils? How will it help? How important is it really in the scheme of things?

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